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LG Support Tool won't recognize my phone

So i have a brick lg optimus l9 p769 i am trying to flash V10D_00.kdz into lg support tool or r&d test tool (sorry I'm nooby with this) but it seems that when i connect my phone into s/w mode or download mode ,my computer dosent reads it i just says usb device not recognized. the lg support tool or r&d test tool stops at 15% to connect my phone. Please i need help ASAP , im still paying for this phone and theres no point of paying it if i can't use it. sorry for my bad english

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Well even if someone does manage to chime in with a fix, I hope you are aware that model does not work with Koodo, according to GSMarena. It only has 1700/2100 bands for 3G because it's a T-Mobile phone. Koodo, and all the other national carriers, use 850/1900 bands.
Did you get it from Wind Mobile?