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LG Stylo 3 Plus

  • 28 June 2017
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Your thoughts on this fine piece of hardware. :)

Do you have one? What do you like about it? What do you hate about it? Any tips or tricks to share? Yes, I have it. Just got it like, oh, maybe a week or so ago. Very nice phone considering I upgraded from the Moto G3. Big difference. How's your experience been? Let's talk about it.

9 replies

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Hey McFly, Doesn't look like anyone who frequents this community has the Stylo 3 Plus but as you have one I'd love to hear your thoughts on the device as I'm thinking of picking one up. What are your thoughts in the device especially curious about what battery stats your getting at this point such as SOT and also how is the display since it seems to be a big draw of the device at 5.7"? Oh also is there any metal in the build at all or is it all plastic?
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I'm not much of a "phone reviewer" but I'll give it a try. 

The build is all plastic. Feels solid in the hand and has a nice amount of weight to it. The screen size is pretty decent. Not sure I would want a phone that goes past 6 though. I bought the Otterbox case from Koodo when I bought the phone. A super nice fit and like any phone I have ever purchased, a case is a must. I am not a fan of the stylus and truth be told, I have only played with it a bit. I is a cool feature of you need that kind of thing. The stylus tucks away rather nicely into the upper right corner of the phone. It will not fall out. The 2 GB ram is nice and seem to be sufficient for what I need. I have not yet tried to install and play a game on this phone. I should, I guess. It runs smooth and has no lag. The screen is bright and crisp. Very nice display. It's 5.7" and I don't find it to be a bother. Has an NFC chip in it so if you need that, it's a bonus. Now battery. I don't use the phone heavily or run battery hungry apps. I would have to say that I would get a day out of it. If I used it more than I do, which is mainly web, email, text and Hangouts, then a day would be pushing it. Not sure it would make it without being charged somewhere along the line. When it does charge with the included wall brick, it has "Quick Charge" feature. It's faster than normal charging but to completely charge the phone to 100%, from a low level, would probably take around 2 hours. Camera is good. Takes nice photos and video. Out of the box, come Android 7.

Anyhow, it's a good phone. Now anything out these days is better than the Moto G3 I just retired but still, it's a decent phone. Would I recommend you or anyone else buy it? Yeah, why not. I think for most people it will serve them well. Oh, the one thing I have to remember, is that unlike my being able to wash my G3 under the water or get it wet, [b]the Stylo 3 Plus is NOT water friendly. Personally, I think ALL phones should be. Other than that, yes, I am happy with my purchase.

I hope I didn't ramble to much. lol. Any questions, I'll try to answer them. For me, it's just a phone so don't expect in-depth, detailed answers. Hope this helps, at least a little. :)
There are a lot of videos on YouTube about this phone. Check them out.
Don't have it but did loads of research on it. Personally I am a note phone person. The stylis is not as sharp as on the note. I did test it out....a demo. Overall I would say it is fairly good. As I needed a upgrade and could not afford a note at this time and as Koodo does not sell the note, I bought the LG G 5 which I must say is a very good phone also. Battery life a little on the short side but hey, it's the best I could do for the time. My only wish....that Koodo would start selling the Samsung note again.
where ca i go to find out how to use it
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where ca i go to find out how to use itGo to LG's website and download the user manual or search the device on YouTube which is a great source of info about anything you want to learn
where ca i go to find out how to use itI've tried all of the one click root apps on android but I had no luck with any of them I'm using an lg stylo 3 plus does anyone have any suggestions
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where ca i go to find out how to use itI'd just suggest rooting it manually.
where ca i go to find out how to use ityour suggestion is working and tested. We have to follow your tips for better smartphone uses
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Dont get this Junk...…...I am on my 2nd one, same issues as the first, SD card not syncing with any PC or MAC, and the LG PC Suite? what a piece of unfinished junk software,  for $300.00 save your money, and get a koodoo galaxy, you will have 100% less frustration, and a much better built phone....Just saying