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LG Optimus Can't Get Picture Messages to Work

I have an LG Optimus 1 phone with the $10 call display, voice mail and unlimited texting addon. I understand (possibly incorrectly) that this should allow me to send and receive picture messages. When I receive a picture message, I can press the download button but it does nothing. When I try to send a picture message it says "sending" but never sends. How do I get picture messaging to work?

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Picture messages need data to be enabled to send and receive them. It doesn't use up / charge you data though, but it needs the ports open. However, make sure there are no background apps running waiting to automatically send/receive data and hike up your data bill when you enable data
That's annoying. Where do I go to check and disable all apps from using data?
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Hi Joshua, here is how to disable auto-update: 1 Open Google Play Store. 2 Tap the Menu key. 3 Tap Settings. 4 Uncheck Auto-update apps. 5 Check Update over Wi-Fi only for additional security You should also turn off data sync: 1 Tap Menu. 2 Tap Settings. 3 Tap Accounts and sync. 4 Uncheck Background data (will uncheck Auto-sync automatically). 5 Uncheck Auto-sync.