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LG Nexus 5 stuck on "flying colour dots" screen

after turning on phone, got message "Gmail has stopped", and phone auto went into this stuck-loop of "flying colour dots".

Have tried turning on/off ... leaving running ... nothing working the way it should !!

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Hi Dave,

Are you able to get the phone booted into android or does it get stuck before that?
Thank you for trying to help !  No, I am not booted in ... I can not get past the flying colour dots when I try to turn the phone on.  Have had it running all day now, but nothing changes !
Update ... after playing around with the power button and the power button in conjunction with the down-volume button ... I was eventually rewarded with access to "Fastboot Mode" (Prod Name - hammerhead; Secure Boot - enabled; lock State - locked; along with other info).  Running this Mode got me nowhere, several times.

In the Fastboot Mode were several options:  Start; Recovery Mode; Restart Bootloader; and Power Off.
Choosing Start and the Power button simply ran the flying colour dots aimlessly.
Choosing Mode and the Power button gave me a "No Command Message"
Choosing Restart Bootloader and the Power button brought me back to the 'Start' option.
Choosing Power Off resulted in a definite, actual, ''Power Off'' of the cell.

Hopefully this may give you some idea of what's going on with the cell, and why it won't boot !!

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Dave B. wrote:

Update ... after playing around with the power button and the power button in conjunction with th...

Hi Dave,

You'll want to get into Recovery Mode and select 'wipe data/factory reset'. Wiping the cache partition won't hurt either. This process will wipe the contents of your phone but at this stage you don't have a working phone and this method should restore the phone back to normal operation. If the problem persists, the phone will have to get sent in for repair.

[b]Edit: One other option to try before doing a factory reset is to put the Nexus 5 in safe mode. If you can get into this mode, go to: Settings > Apps and uninstall the app updates for Gmail. The app itself cannot be uninstalled because it's a system app. Getting out of safe mode will automatically reboot the phone and hopefully fix the boot loop issue. I've provided a link to a video on how to put the LG Nexus 5 into and out of safe mode.

Nexus 5 Hard Factory Reset (video)

LG Nexus 5 IN & OUT of safe mode
Getting "into" Safe Mode to try to fix my prob sounds idyllic.  Unfortunately the phone must be "on" (booted and running) to get into Safe Mode ... and therein lies my prob ... my phone will not boot for it appears to be locked in an ongoing "boot loop"  !

The same applies to getting into Recovery Mode ... I can't because I can not get my phone to start because it appears to be locked in an ongoing 'boot loop' !

The Repair Shop appears to be my "only" next step ... but any and all ideas are graciously accepted before I have to resort to The Repair Shop.

Regardless of ... it certainly appears that I shall have to bid farewell to my 500+ pics that now appear for sure to be lost forever ... due to my stupid procrastination at not transferring or backing them up !!

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Dave B. wrote:

Getting "into" Safe Mode to try to fix my prob sounds idyllic.  Unfortunately the phone must...

Dave, you were able to get into Fastboot mode before. [i]In the Fastboot Mode were several options: Start; [b]Recovery Mode; Restart Bootloader; and Power Off. Select Recovery Mode. Since you want to try and save pictures, choose 'wipe cache partition' first and reboot the phone. Sometimes just doing a wipe cache clears up boot loop issues. If it doesn't, then a factory reset is the next step, unfortunately. If you can't get into Recovery or Fastboot mode, then it'll have to be sent in for repair. If it's less than a year old with no signs of physical/liquid damage, it should be covered under the manufacturers warranty. Edit: I was going to suggest using ADB, but for that you need USB debugging enabled on the phone.