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LG Leon (MetroPCS unlocked) - Cellular Service not working though SIM is functional


I have had this phone (LG Leon) for ~3 years. Bought in the USA, unlocked by the provider when I returned to Canada. Have been using it without problems for 1 year with a Koodo SIM.

Recently returned from an overseas trip and now cellular services (phone calls and text messages) are intermittently but frequently not working. If I attempt to make a call the phone displays "dialing" but the ringing tone never actually begins and call is not made. If I attempt to send an SMS the status says "sending". Eventually the signal will return and calls/SMS can be sent (until the next interruption, which occur frequently enough to make using the phone impossible).

I live in urban Ontario and have not had network connectivity issues in the past. If I transfer my SIM to a different phone, it works without problems.

Any ideas about what could be wrong and any recommendations on how to fix?


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If you're not having problems with your sim, then it is definitely your phone. You may have damaged the phone during your trip. Try restarting your Lg or do a factory reset. May or may not help. Back up all your files if you do a factory reset though.
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Hello Arif, please try toggling airplane mode a few times and then pull your SIM and reboot the device. Did you change any APN settings while you were away?
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Find "Network operators" Slide your finger down the display starting from the top edge of your mobile phone. Tap the settings icon. Tap Networks. Tap Tethering & networks. Tap Mobile networks. Tap Network operators. Choose option Select network manually Tap Search networks. Your mobile phone will search for networks within range. Tap Koodo / Telus Your display will tell you if you've access to the network you've chosen. Tap the home icon to return to the home screen. If you ever go roaming again you'll have to change this back to automatic.