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LG "Google" Nexus 5, "No SIM card" error

I have a LG "Google" Nexus 5, I have an issue occurring multiple times a day, throughout the day, where the phone comes up and says there is no SIM card and it can only make Emergency calls. I was wondering if there is any way to fix this, I also, cannot seem to find my original purchase Invoice, but believe it was last February or March, I am wondering if you guys keep anything on record, or if there is anything that can be done at one of your locations to just fix the issue without having to send it out.

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Kind of sounds like an early defective SIM Card. I would pop into the store to get a replacement. Keep us posted!
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Also try... Change NETWORK SELECTION to Manual The device will perform a scan which could take up to 2 minutes. You'll be presented with a list of available networks. Choose Koodo or Telus from this list.Note: Doing this disables international roaming. Should you ever want to roam in the future you'll need to change this setting back to automatic