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LG G5 Refurb, Dead phone. What Do I do and whats offered?

Ive had the LG G5 for around 3 to 4 months now. Over all great phone for what I use it for. I however, went to plug it in tonight on charge as it was dieing and it refuses to turn on, not even an indicator that its even working. The charger cable I have glows red and blue, red for charging and blue for complete. It has been glowing red now for 3 hours and still nothing with the power button to turn it on. So my question is, it is a refurb that i am now paying a tab for. .... how does this work in regards to if it is completely dead. Am I able to either get a new phone , send it away for repair or am i stuck with this and paying a tab with no form phone whatso ever?

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Certified pre-owned phones (refurb) sold by Koodo come with a 1 year limited warranty. Just take it into a Koodo kiosk or call customer support to get a mailing envelope sent to you if you cannot readily make your way to a Koodo store.
Thats awesome. Thanks! 

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Have you tried using a different USB cable? The cable you're using now may have failed. If you still have the original USB cable that shipped with your LG G5, try that and see if the phone will charge. If the battery is fully depleted/drained, the phone will not turn on until there is enough of a charge to do so. With the original USB cable connected, allow the battery to charge for at least one hour before attempting to power the phone on.