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LG G5 or Nexus 6P?

I currently have and iPhone 5s and I want to upgrade to either the G5 or 6P. Witch one would be better? I also have 50$ left on my tab but I can pay it off. I was thinking of going with another carrier but I need some help to find the lowest price. I want 1gb of data and at least 200 mins. What would be my options?

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Also, is the 21$ a month tab charge already included in the new tab plus plans?
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No, the Tab Plus charge is in addition to the plan price. The 6P is superior to the G5 but truthfully the new Nexus will be arriving in a few months, so the 6P price will eventually fall as hype for its successor ramps up
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As Jeremy said, the tab charges is on top of your plan's cost.

Between the two, I want to say to go with the G5 just because of it's modularity and it could possibly mean that it can last a lot longer than the 6P, however some fellow MMs got the 6P and said that it's the best phone they've ever had. Each one has it's unique features. 
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Well the G5 has the SD 820 CPU and potential for the modular addons to take off. The 6P is highly reviewed despite the 810 CPU(unless you're a power user in terms of browsing heavily or gaming I wouldn't worry about the thermal issues and performance caps resulting from it) with a camera that has extremely good low light capabilities. The G5 is also smaller at 5.3" vs the 6P at 5.7". People who get the 6P appear to almost universally love the phone. I don't know anyone with the g5 yet so I cannot speak on that front.
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Plan wise if you want the cheapest possible plan that provides 1gb and 200 min you're looking at 50 from Koodo/fido/virgin. If you have Wind availability it's 35 for 2gb or 60 for 1 if you're in an away area primarily. Or 35 with Public Mobile if you pay on 90 day blocks.
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what I don't like about the Nexus 6p is that the battery can't be removed if the phone freezes up.  I refuse to get any phone that doesn't have a removable battery.  I learned my lesson with the Nexus 5.
At first I wasn't impressed with LG G5 when I saw some of the early reports and specs, but since then I've went through a training course on TelusTraining (I work in wireless retail) and played with a live G5 at a Costo wireless both, and I'm VERY impressed.  I'll likely get 1 when I can afford it.
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Jru Gordon wrote:

what I don't like about the Nexus 6p is that the battery can't be removed if the phone freezes up...

What does it change to not have a Removable battery? Instead of removing the battery you simply hold the power button for a few seconds and the phone reboots. I never had any problems with being stuck on a frozen phone and I have worked with nexus 4 and 5X both rooted and unrooted.
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The major issue I have with the G5 is that the modules are not hot-swappable, meaning that you need to shut the phone down and boot it back up when you are changing modules. If only LG could have integrated a small battery to keep the phone running between module changes. I am eager to see what Lenovo/Motorola does with the Moto X (possibly being renamed Moto Z) as it will offer modularity as well. Also -- I read somewhere that the B&O Hifi G5 module will not be available in North America. It will be interesting to see what third-party modules will be available for the G5