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LG G5 Online offer only

Hello Koodo, 

I am interested in your LG G5 current offer, with a medium tab I can purchase this phone for $0, and pay a monthly tab of $15 for two years. However, this offer is available only to online customers. I still haven't purchased the phone, but I am highly interested in this offer. My questions are...

1) When will this online offer expire?

2) Due to my credit history, I've been automatically placed on strict status of $200 limit, subseqently, koodo asked me to pay $360 for the phone up front. I have no problem with that, my question is, if I pay $360 up front, does that mean I do not have a contract with Koodo for two years??

3) I am currently on holidays out of Canada, and I left my debit/visa card at home, I use that card for my online purchases, I do not live with my family, is there a way I can purchase this phone using my familys credit card? Even though our addresses don't match? I understand the answer is a No, but I am looking for a solution. 

4) Following up to question 3, My family can purchase the phone under their name, but is there a way to have hte phone shipped to my address? In other words, can Koodo distinguish between billing address and mailing address?

I hope to hear a positive answer...thank you for your time. 

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1) Unknown, but possibly  Dec 31.
2)There are no contracts. You can pay out your TAB at any time, and stay or leave as you wish.
3) A family member might be able to purchase the phone on their own account & give it to you. You would need to figure out the further transactions yourself, as you suggest in Q4.
4) No, CC and mailing address must match.

Aright thank you for the quick response. 
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If there are no contracts, what is the legal term for the piece of paper customers sign when they get a phone?
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Jru Gordon wrote:

If there are no contracts, what is the legal term for the piece of paper customers sign when they...

It's an 'agreement'. Still a legally binding document. 'Contracts' in the mobile world were often referenced for their penalty causes, extra fees for breaking the contract. We don't have those.  
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To clarify. If you pay the $360 upfront, you would no longer be subsidizing a phone, meaning Koodo couldn't charge you a buy-out later if you cancel early. Koodo would only claw back any.gift cards or refer a friend credits if you cancel within 90 days, if applicable.
If you have a family member order the phone, CC must match shipping / billing address, which you can change on the fly. After the order, you can change the billing address back to what it was (meaning you can change the billing address for shipping purposes for the online order, then reverse it).