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LG G5 - Nougat Update ETA?

South Korea and T-Mobile have both gotten the Nougat Update for the LG G5. Can we get an ETA on the Koodo update? It's not listed in the official community thread, in fact none of the updates listed are Nougat updates. There are only security patches listed. Are any of the Koodo devices getting Nougat?

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It has been a month since they released it in their home territory. a Canadian release will be a few (maybe quite a few) steps behind. The existing thread, or the one on the Telus site are likely the earliest release info you will find for these phones.

Right now Koodo hasn't said a word about any Nougat update for any device. I'm just looking for confirmation that Koodo is working with OEMs to bring us the update for non Pixel/Nexus phones. Even just a "Yes" would be something.
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Keep an eye on this page, this is where they will announce all updates once they know an ETA on said update on your model https://community.koodomobile.com/koo... There will be no info other than this released
Koodo needs to start informing customers better. I have the lg g4 and there is nothing anywhere except that it is supposed to get it. I rather see something that states it is in testing stage or anything other than zero info.
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South Korean and T-Mobile models have slightly different hardware. Distinct from Verizon and Sprint models in the US, and AT&T and sister Canadian models. They may prefer to debug updates in the South Korean domestic market first.

That doesn't explain the lackadasical attitude on updates. Even the official US LG software update site claims their latest is 5.x while my G3 is running 6.0
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This website shows it should be up to update http://mobilesyrup.com/2016/12/19/lg-g5-update-to-android-7-0-nougat-now-available-to-download-in-ca...b
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neek247 wrote:

This website shows it should be up to update [url=http://mobilesyrup.com/2016/12/19/lg-g5-update-...

The update has been out for a couple months now for thr G5. John was talking about the G4 though which is still up in the on wether it will grt the update or not.
Here's a simple fix for lack of updates or poor communication from manufacturers and carriers. Two options. Root and custom rom (which voids your warranty) or only buy from manufacturers who are known for staying up to date on their devices' software. Good examples are Google Nexus/Pixel and Apple iPhones. Best thing we can do it vote with our wallet since the bottom line is all these companies care about.