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Lg G5 Audio port issues quick fix idea/Will it work?

My girlfriend, her bestie and myself all just got LG G5 phones as we are loving almost everything about them. this is saying something as I'm a Samsung guy.
anyways, the one thing that is jsut about to make me take this thing back is the audio port. im not going to go spend 100+ dollars on some bt headphones that are probably junk anyways. and have to keep re-buying 100+ dollars worth of BT headphones every 6 months or so - i abuse music that much that the LiPo batteries in the tiny device will probably blow up.
my question, to keep my lg g5 from meeting a return bucket, i have seen USB-c to 3.5mm Audio cables (like a few inches long) on ebay from china for next to nothing.
if i buy these and wait 5 or 6 months for them to come from [i]the Chinese express post, will they work - [b][i]will they override the onboard 3.5mm and all my headphone needs be redirected to the USB-c which is now a 3.5mm Port?

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If your 3.5mm port isn't working, why not exchange it if youre within 15 days or make use of the warranty to get it fixed?
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Hello Patrick, 

Why ship them from China? Didn't you find anything here or in the US? Also, BT headphones are pretty tough to be honest, you won't be disappointed by they battery.