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LG G4 release date at Koodo

Is the deal on the LG G3 on because you guys are getting the new LG G4 this month? I know Telus is supposed to get it on the 19th of June which would mean Koodo does too right? Just wondering if that's how it works or if koodo has to wait a while before getting newer phones.

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Hi there, we can't say! If we do offer this great phone, we will definitely say it on our website, Facebook page and most probably here in the community! The best is to visit us often 🙂 If we don't offer it, you can always get one unlocked and activate it with us! Have a great day! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
Alright thank you haha I'll keep an eye open for it then!
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LG G4 is now available exclusively in our online store.