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LG G4 questions

I have some questions regarding the LG G4. 

1). Does it come with Marshmallow already installed or with Lollipop?

2). Is the speaker volume loud? I'd like to get this for my dad who has some trouble hearing. I have the HTC One M8 which is very loud, how would it compare in terms of volume? Sound quality?

3). Is it an overall good phone that will last? (I haven't been too impressed with LG in general in the past...)


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Not sure. Usually it's the launch version and you update it when you get it. The speaker is merely Ok. It gets loud enough but it will pale in comparison to the one m8 or any other decent stereo speaker equipped phone. Th phone I generally regarded to have a good build quality and I agree. There was a time for 3-4 generations of phones they had a terrible build quality and worse update support and I got burned pretty seriously way back with their 2x and literally everyone I knew who had it as well and I would have suggested ANYTHING But but it seems like they've been redeeming themselves the last two years.
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I believe it will come with Android Lollipop but you will be able to update it right away to Marshmallow. The G4 Is a decent phone for sure. But there is more out there in the same price range like the moto G Plus. Which is a half decent phone for sure. The speakers on the G4 in my mind are good, but do not compare to front firing stereo speakers.

It will last if taken care of just as any phone will, but I'm assuming you mean build quality and software wise, it should hold up as its not that old and the build quality is pretty good for a plastic phone. Also it should be getting android N which is the next version of Android. Overall the phone should last quite a while as long as its taken care of.

Here's a quick little video regarding the G4. There is many more so do some research and compare it to phones in the same price range that Koodo carries.