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lg g4 no service

I just received my LG G4 a few weeks ago now, and already twice I've encountered this same issue of no service. It looses its service bars, and I'm not receiving phone calls. I restart it, and things come back again. It's a hassle though because I'm not always checking my phone to make sure I have service, so I end up missing phone calls.
My previous phone was older, a Samsung Galaxy II Ace X. I didn't encounter this problem at home on this phone. I could understand if it was happening while driving through mountains or something, but for it to lose service just at home seems kinda strange.
Any ways to fix this? Thanks.

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I've been having the same problem since I received my g4 in November. I tried restoring to factory default and getting a new Sim card but to no success. I'm at the point that I'm gonna get a new phone. It's so frustrating
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Hey guys if your within the one year warranty you can bring it to Koodo for repair just visit your local kiosk.