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LG G4 mms

can't send picture messages.  Can send regular SMS, but pics never go through. Details:
- using Google Hangouts app.  Also tried in default LG messenger app that came on the phone, but no deal
- yes I have data enabled....can text, do internet, etc, etc, but won't send picture
- same issue whether on Wifi at home or cell data
- I CAN receive MMS messages (wife sent me a picture no problem)

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Keep in mind that mms can not be sent over wifi only your cellular data connection. Double check your APN settings are set to those of Koodo's settings as well as that Koodo APN is the one selected or the only one within the APN settings.
Paul "Kid Android" Deschamps wrote:

Keep in mind that mms can not be sent over wifi only your cellular data connection. Double chec...

I have not altered APN settings....just got the phone from Koodo a few days ago.   
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Make sure your data toggle is turned to the on position when your trying to send the pictures after you've checked the settings Paul suggested above!
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Hey! Is this happening with multiple contacts? Can you try sending your wife a picture message? If it works, it can be that the other contact has a data block.  Keep us posted!
Just did some tests to a few different people.  Seems that if I take a pic within the Hangouts app for sending, it goes, but trying to send a picture from yesterday to the same person repeatedly fails.  Would the photo size be a reason?  My wife has had the same phone/settings (Nexus 5), so nothing has changed on her end, and never had this issue before new phone.

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That's really strange GB! At this point I would suggest you give our technical support a call (*611 from your Koodo phone, option 6) so we can do some further troubleshooting!
I have the same problem! Went to a kiosk and the guy there reset everything for me and no change. I use the stock messaging app, no pictures will send to any recipients. Can't switch to non-stock app because then my bluetooth in my car won't connect. I have never had so many frustrations with a phone before.
I have the same issue with my lgg3
I switched to Facebook Messenger. Problem solved. It also seems to send the photo if you have a wifi connection. you