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Lg g4 is doing some kind of update now

  • 28 April 2017
  • 5 replies

I hope its nougat update its taking for ever to download

5 replies

Just installed it. Stayed ver 6.0. Did change some of my setting menu options though​. Lost VoLte ??
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I have the lgg4 phone and have Volte on it never got any updates yet i hoping we will get wifi calling soon because we live in a area where the cellphone service is very poor and you say when you got the update the volte is gone wondering if a person would get it back on the phones
Suggest not installing update when offered unless Koodo will confirm VoLte will remain intact.
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How will we know if koodo will put it back hope we can get a answer from someone from koodo if you hear anything keep us posted thanks