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LG G4 freezing

my lg g4 just began freezing up, "service is disabled", and "mobile data" cannot be turned back on. Twice so far i had to reset Network settings and restart phone. Have not recently installed anything. Could it be my sim card?
I am at 20% data usuage

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It's possible. Have you tried powering off the phone and removing/re-installing the SIM card? How old is the SIM card? Have you checked the phones' APN settings to see if anything has changed? (Settings > Mobile networks > Access Point Names).

thks so far...  Other than  APN Type=default,mms,supl   all other values same.  Phone was purchased and set up at Koodo kiosk Bramalea City Centre Canada Oct 14th 2016. No freeze up since 24hrs
I had this problem and then my phone just died. Had to send it in for repairs. I was told it was a common issue with the G4. That was in the summer when I was with Wind.