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The LG G4 with the +$15/month for 24 months would cost me $360 after 24 months.

Would I be able to pay $360 upfront and then get a Koodo plan with the phone?

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Sry but you have to be with Koodo for atleast three months to pay your tab fully
what if i cancel the service after 1 month? i get to keep the phone but i pay....the tab and the monthly service fee?
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Hello Marc, The answer is no. Heres an explanation No. u cant. u cannot cancel(pay off your tab) until 3 months is up. You will be billed for 3 months of service no matter what you do. At that point, you can then pay off your phone. by buying out your tab. your only paying an extra 45$ so its really not a huge deal. There is no shady way to pay the "tab price" of phone, which is why Koodo offers it in the first place, If everyone asked for the Tab price to buy the phone, there would be no tab lol.
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It is unfortunate. Sometimes Koodo offers a good subsidized tab to push older inventory or such, so they make it harder to just buy at that lower rate and run.
the g4 just went up $150. lol i think ill stick to my 5s..
thanks to all for the reply!