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Lg g3 wireless charging

Do LG G3 come with inbuilt wireless charging Qi ?

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Nop I don't think so if it's not written on the box then no
Ok. Any way just found out from amazon review that our koodo lg g3 is still doesnt have a compatible wirelless charging cover available.
However you can buy universal android charging Q from anywhere and stick it to your phone in between its cover and back. And your phone will be ready to charge wirelessly
Did u try that... I heard there is no point of using them becasue the battery gets heated up and the charging rate is 500mA ..so it will take a day for full charge
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Wireless charging in general is slower than regular cords, but 500mah is pretty bad. That's at least 6 hours for a full charge. My Samsung wireless charger I got for my S6 has at least 1A/hour
Well then i have to search for 1a capacity charger and qi
any update guys?
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The canadian version of the D852 LG G3, even with changing the NFC sticker on the back to support wireless charging, still ONLY will support PMA-compatible charging mats, such as the Duracell PowerMats.