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Lg G3 microphone issues

[i] I recently got an LG G3 and it's fantastic except that everyone is complaining that they can't hear me.  I have shut off all that ok google stuff that is recommended.  Some are saying that it is Lollipop that did this and that I should go back to Kit kat.  Everyone is saying that it is not a hardware issue and that a new phone won't fix it. Anyone have a solution or a plan of action?  Luckily the phone is only 1 month old. So I think i will bring it back to Koodo.  So sad since it came so highly recommended by them and it doesn't even work as a phone.

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Make sure nothing is blocking the microphone when you're talking, or take off any cases you may have on and test again. Where exactly are you calling from? Is it intermittent or is it on all conversations? Did you just get service with Koodo or have you been with them while using different phones?
Nope, no case and no dirt. I am not the only one having this issue.  It's all over the web.  It is intermittent on all conversations to different areas.  I live in downtown Toronto and have never had this problem.

I have been with koodo for 8 years with 4 different phones.
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I find that interesting since Koodo started in 2008. 🙂 If this is a known G3 radio problem, you'll probably want to talk to LG about it. And notify tech support at Koodo, so they can facilitate a fix with LG faster too.
wow... 7 years... thanks for the public correction... i will talk to them