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LG G3 Low signal & signal drop when calling

  • 25 January 2017
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I have an LG G3 which I've had for a year now. Back in September 2016 I started to have an issue with reception, call drop, no network service and not being able to receive call. At the same time, data will work fine on 3G, 4G and LTE. I will generally have 2 bars of service, but as soon as I attempt to make a call, everything goes downhill from there saying "Out of Service Area", for one thing.

I will attach some screenshots below. Keep an eye on the bars for reception.

I've talked with CS and with reps in store and was give solutions that haven't worked. I have restarted the phone, taken out the SIM card, cleaned the contacts for the SIM, and tried the SIM in a different phone, which yes, works perfect while the LG G3 doesn't. I've done a factory reset of the phone, removed apps such as Skype, and tried switching to and from GSM, WCDMA and LTE and connecting manually. Nothing has worked and Koodo doesn't seem to be offering me any solutions.

I am a prepaid customer and was going to switch to monthly at the beginning of October, but decided not to since I don't want to pay for a service where my phone isn't working. I like Koodo and my LG G3, so I was hoping that I didn't have to switch carriers.

Any thoughts or possible solutions on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

3 replies

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Hi Craig, try a hard reset. Remove the cover and take the battery out for about 1 minute and then put it back together. 
Hi Craig, try a hard reset. Remove the cover and take the battery out for about 1 minute and then...Thanks Daniel, I have already done that as well since it's the only way to get the SIM out. The battery has been removed while the phone was off, and while it was still on.
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The LG G3 has an unusual placement for the antenna... it's at the bottom of the phone. If you check on eBay (US), you will see the replacement part is very common and inexpensive. Look at this video on how to replace it just to make sure you have nothing interfering with that part of the phone when calling.