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Lg g3 / how to turn on the fm turner so i can listen to the radio

  • 20 June 2015
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3 replies

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Hi Robb,

There are several different versions of the LG G3. The European version is the only one to have the FM radio receiver in the phone. The North American versions of the phone (the one you have) does not have an FM radio receiver built into the phones. For more specific details, check out this thread someone else asked on the community: http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/why-did-koodo-disable-the-radio-function-on-my-lg-g3-c...
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On a side note if your looking to listen to radio stations on your device try out "TuneIn Radio" it's available in the PlayStore and will give you access to 100's of radio stations around the world. You will need a data connection or wifi connection however but you can record segments while on wifi to play later while your away from a wifi connection and won't use your data.