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LG g3 cracked screen

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I've had my LG g3 phone for over a week and a half bought a protective case and everything it fell out of my pocket at work face down and the screen cracked now it does not operate properly at first they didn't even look like it was cracked I have seen a lot worse screens and they still function properly not sure what to do about repairing it LG told me they have a flat fee to repair it wondering if there is any other options

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Sorry to hear about this incident John. Unfortunately, your options are limited. You could try a mobile phone shop that specializes in digitizer replacement or send it back to LG for repair. Those are the only options I can think of. If you purchased an extended warranty, then you might be in luck, though I don't see this mentioned in your commentary.
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This isn't really much of an answer for the repair but I thought I'd mention getting a glass screen protector. They're usually quite cheap on amazon, feel great and have protected my phones from many falls. Good luck John 🙂