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LG G3 Connectivity issues with Ford MySync

I can get my LGG# to connect to the MySync on my Ford Edge but cannot get text to to to work or any audible telphone or messenger notifcation. All that happens is a writtn note appears on my dash screen that I am getting a call or a message. Anyone else have this issue?

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I hear Ford Sync has a lot of issues with different phones. Perhaps go to your dealership to see if they can assist? I personally don't have Bluetooth enabled car audio; I use headsets instead.
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Some phones might not work fully if it's anything like the UConnect in my Dodge Journey SXT, my HTC one M8 would only allow for Bluetooth calls and music while my Note 4 will allow those plus messaging from the 8" indash touchscreen where I can read, listen to and respond to texts with canned responses. Definitely check online to see if Ford has any compatibility charts but I think it's more trial and error on which phones will give full features