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LG g3 battery drain

Since upgrading my Koodo locked LG G3 phone to the new Marshmallow OS, my screen has been depleting my battery power constantly. My phone is not rooted, my screen brightness is almost always at 0% and when I look at my battery usage chart it says my screen is using 40% of my battery power. Anyone else having this issue?

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Hey Michael. How long has it been since you upgraded to MM. Sometimes a cache wipe, or even a factory wipe can help settle out the battery. In some cases, a few weeks can be needed for everything to level out after an OS upgrade. Although that is the longest ive heard of it taking as well. Let me know and ill see if i can help.
I believe it's been a week since I upgraded. I did the cache wipe but haven't done a factory wipe yet.
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Michael Ricard wrote:

I believe it's been a week since I upgraded. I did the cache wipe but haven't done a factory wipe...

If your feeling up to it, a factory wipe has been known to help settle the battery drain. Keep in mind, updating to the latest and greatest the day it comes out, means there will be some patches coming in the near future for it as well. So all these issues people are having, will most likely be fixed in the coming weeks. If your going to factory wipe, make sure you back up everything you want to keep. Its not a long process, just can be annoying sometimes. Make sure your on Wifi as it will eat data re installing all of your apps again.

Best of luck. Also a week can still be calibrating the battery usage so you could give it a few more days before factory wiping but a this point, its totally your call. Its not a phone issue. Most definitely software related
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Has your screen on time dropped drastically? The G3 has an LCD display which will always be the biggest culprit of battery drain so it will almost always be the highest percentage being taken, are you just concerned that it's the biggest offender to battery drain in general?
Sorry about the lateness of my reply. Update: so far the screen percent has dropped of to about 16% and has stayed about there for the most part. The Android OS has climbed up tho but not too high. My battery life has almost come back to where it was before the Marshmallow update.