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LG G3 6.0 Update - Unstable Bluetooth Connection

My LG G3 is unable to connect to some Bluetooth accessories after upgrading to Marshmallow (6.0). My Basis Peak fitness tracker used to connect seamlessly prior to upgrading but now my phone will not connect to the Basis through the app.
I've deleted and reinstalled the vendor app with no success, and have done a hard reboot of the watch.
The LG can actually discover the Bluetooth signal from the watch but simply won't connect after upgrading.
Does anyone know when the 6.0.1 update will be rolled out? Apparently some of the Bluetooth issues are resolved in this release.

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The 6.0 update was just pushed a few days ago so there's no 6.0.1 update even scheduled to be pushed to the G3 at this time. Can your watch gets updates? It's possible your watch needs an update or even the companion app to connect to devices running Android 6.0 +. If not have you tried deleting the Bluetooth pairing in the settings of the phone and setting up a new connection? Have you looked at the comments in the app on the playstore to see if others are having issues with devices running Android 6.0 and above
Hi Paul
Just so you know, the LG 6.0 update was release earlier this year but Koodo released it just a few days ago but this issue is clear and was fix on the Android version 6.01. It look like all pairing applications that are not using the android pairing application will get this issue. I have a Vivoactive watch from Garmin that use Garmin Connect to pair my device. It was working find until I upgraded to Mashmallow 6.0 last week. Garnin just released a new version of his Garmin Mobile Connect (Ver today April 13) and I still have the same issue. I have a friend of mind that are with FIDO using a Nexus phone and they got the Android 6.01 and we tested my watch and it work find. So it's really something on how version 6.0 is handling the Low Energy Bluetooth feature. 
J-Michel wrote:

Hi Paul
Just so you know, the LG 6.0 update was release earlier this year but Koodo released it j...

Hi J-Michel,
That seems to be in line with what I've read across other forums. Since the upgrade to Marshmallow Basis did update their mobile app significantly, however this did not improve the Bluetooth pairing. Coincidentally, I can pair to my Ipad no problem with the same vendor app, unpairing and trying to connect to my phone again has proven unsuccessful. Hopefully it's not a long wait for the next release... fingers crossed.
You can always root your phone and manually flash the update if you don't feel like waiting
I am not familiar with that technic, how do you flash the update?