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lg g2 will ever come to koodo

  • 5 March 2014
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I am waiting for lg g2 on koodo. Lg now makes high end phones with fare price.lg g2 battery life is major advantage on other phones as well. So i hope koodo listen to this. Many of my friends switch from koodo just because of limitation of their phones and colors

3 replies

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You're going to be waiting awhile since Koodo will not announce the release of new devices until the day it happens or a few days before on their Facebook page.
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I would like to see it too, but Robellus have the buying power when it comes to devices and they like to hog flagships more often than not. If Koodo carried all of the same phones as Telus did there really wouldn't be any need for Telus mobility to exist, really.
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Your friends obviously don't know that going elsewhere just to get a phone they want is in alot of cases costing them more in the long run. It's usually cheaper to stay with koodo and buy the phone you want from elsewhere and get it unlocked (or buy an unlocked model) and then use the phone Koodo. Don't be fooled by the lure of a $700 phone that you pay $199 out of pocket at time of purchase for that your going to be paying back anyways plus the higher service rates of the carrier you go with just to get the phone you want. Work out the numbers you'll be surprised