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LG G2 coming to Koodo?

I would really like to see the LG G2 come to Koodo! On top of it, it is one year old so it would cost less to buy than when it first came out!

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It's not one year old, it only came out on September 27th, 2013 in Canada. Retail prices also don't drop on the big 3 very often or if ever at all; the Ativ S is still a $600/$650 phone on the big 3 if you take it on a contract (so your buyout/cancellation fee is still very high) and it's over a year old so you're better off buying off someone on Kijiij instead and putting in a new battery. Now with that being said, I wouldn't mind seeing the G2 on Koodo! Thing is there has to be enough demand to carry it. Also keep in mind that Telus has some say in which devices they'll let Koodo carry, and aside from the recently announced M8 (shocked me), Koodo typically doesn't carry high end phones that aren't named Samsung or iPhone. Still not a bad idea, and Koodo has carried a fair bit of LG devices in the past (a few flip phones, Keybo, Optimus One, Black, Nexus 4 and 5, etc), so who knows!