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Lenovo P-70 issue

I have problem with my lenovo P-70 as if i calling someone and he have call already my phone doesn't show me that i'm on waiting call for this person

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Hi Hitham,

Are you refering to if you call someone and your put on call waiting, it doesn't tell you anything? If that is the case, it doesn't really tell you anything unless the person your calling picks up your call, tells you he's putting you on hold and returns to his other call.
Yes that's exactly what i'm suffering so if you have any solution for this issue tell me as i just need a notification call waiting to hang up the call and not bother people . Thanks alot.
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Hitham, call waiting only works on incoming calls to indicate to the person receiving the call there is another call waiting for them to answer. There is no technology available at this time to indicate to you, the caller, if the number you want to call is already receiving a call. Before call waiting was invented we used to get a busy signal indicating the line was already engaged. With call waiting turned on there is no way for the person calling the number to know if the recipient is already on a call or just not able to answer at that time. Sorry for no solution.