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Larger selection

a more up to date phone selection as well a larger variety 
we need lower prices on the phone  yes you have a variety of tabs but the phone cost on top is quite high still
 we need to see better pricing on phones and plans we need a higher data plan for a fair price 
when i first signed on with koodo  you had.gifts for your customers for signing up i think there should be this for existing customers who come in for upgrade  

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Good Idea! I noticed the same thing. Also that the phone options for PAYG customers is depressing! I think if there were more (cheaper) phone options and more plans available, more customers would go PAYG!!
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No carrier wants anyone on PAYG. They (all) make MUCH more money by having you on the highest possible monthly plan with the largest tab. A high priced plan is a pure profit item while a very large Tab ensures you'll stay in check for many months to come (because you can't/won't buy out said Tab). I'm a PAYG user myself, and I love it. You just won't see users flocking to it in droves, especially when 90%+ of "ideas" are about having cheaper this and free that. Remember: prepaid exists for one single reason. It's not to "help us" or to provide us "cheaper service". It exists because even though you're not on a monthly plan like they want you to, at least, you're not paying a competitor every month. THIS is the only reason prepaid exists.