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korean person can't receive my message

hi i am hyeji . i am koodo user. i opened my phone 5/17 2013 . i use a $25 plan. i know that this plan can send a message to another country. i have a problem. for example yesterday i could a message to south korea and i could message received a message. but today i can't message. i can only receive a message. so yesterday i went to the Royal city Centre . the staff said "tommarrow visit" so today i visited a Royal city Centre . but he didn't worked. so another person said to me "call to 1 866 995 6636" but i can't speak English very well. so what can i this problem....? help me TT

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Take the battery out and the ISM. Wait 2 minutes, Put them back in. Try agaian. If it still doesnt work make sure the number is inputed correctly. If it still doesnt work, call Koodo customer service there maybe something on the backend
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Steven is right. And if you are having problems with your english, maybe a friend can help you call koodo or maybe even the person at the kiosk may help call koodo for you. Hope it all works out