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  • 9 March 2017
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Koodos support service is the worst service that I ever dealt in my entire life. Calling  in Prominade mall ( Ontario, Canada) place that I bought the phone ,   my new phone is freezing and a seller name MATHEW , was making fun with me , I felt bullied by this horrible individual, I have called customer service and absolutely NO SOLUTION , Yesterday  Customer support guy named Ivan ( Location Salvador) was lying to me , (March 7)  , today  I had another "Manager"name Emily, talking very abruptly and so firm , like a police officer. Very unprofessional , I will try again one more time and I will go away from KOODO. In my work place I have to do with almost 100  people every day. I will make sure that let everydoby know about my experience with Koodo.

9 replies

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Hey Altin! I'm sorry to hear about the negative experience that you have had with us. The experience that you have described that at the store and over the phone is definitely not a reflection of the proud customer service that we have to offer! I invite you to send us a private message through Facebook, where we will be able to access your account and send your feedback about the interactions that you have had with us. 
Regarding your phone, I suggest following the steps provided by Chad and Allan above.  The warranty is there to fix your phone for any mechanical issues that arise.  Rest assured, as long as you are in the first year of purchase and there is no physical/water damage the repair will be free of charge.  Thank you!
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Samsung S6Kelly, is there something we can help you with?
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Samsung S6It's also a good Practice to restart your device daily. You'd be surprised how many issues this solves.

I usually do this first thing in the morning when I grab my phone.
Samsung S6Koodo sucks. Bottom line
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Samsung S6Here are some steps you can try to fix this problem:
If you find none of these methods work I would suggest you contact Samsung or bring it in to your closest Koodo store for repair. (If you don't want to visit your Koodo store due to the bad experiences you can request a return mailer and mail your old phone in. The only downside is that you wont receive a loaner phone that way).

You can view all the warranty info here.
Samsung S6Phone work 2-3 days perfectly and suddenly freezes, I turn it off , it works again good, after 2-3-4 days does it again, and when my fingers are close to the left side sometime I hear beeps not all the time though. My phone is 2 months old, It start doing this from 10th day.
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Samsung S6When is the phone freezing? Could you give us some more details so we can try to help you out? Also how old is the phone?
Samsung S6
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While I can't help you with the deplorable service you got. We might be able to help you with the phone.. What phone did you get?