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To improve customer accessibility to your services I believe, that as Koodos is a 'sister' associate of Telus Mobility, representatives in a Telus outlet should be able to provide us with answers, support and telephones.  There have been times when I needed an answer to a question or an accessory to my Koodo telephone, or wanted to upgrade my telephone, but when I stopped into the Telus outlet I was informed I had to visit a Koodo outlet or service provider.  Where I live, we are fortunate to have an independent provider who offers a variety of carriers, near by, but if I need to visit a Koodo specific outlet I have to travel over an hour to get there.  I receive excellent service from my local outlet, but sometimes they don't have what I'm looking for and that is a very long way to travel so I have to wait until I am going to the city to get what I want.  

Your online self serve options are also wonderful.  I am very, very pleased to use Koodo as my cell phone provider, and have no problem recommending your services to anyone who asks.  I work in a retail department store who offers other cell phone providers and even they will admit they can not compete with the packages you offer.

Thanks again for your awesome plans, telephones and services.

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I was with Telus will I hade worst single way I'm saying Unfortunately don't see this improvement we are pay 5$ yet I'm stell having bad single wen I call out I here Beeping lowest quality yet prices go up with midem tab we get laft overs this should be looked in to should not be a price of phone just your tab payed off any kind of phone.wen I was at the mall people giving money was like nothing please look in to this farther thanks I don't want see people not happy Thanks lot please and thank you