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Koodoo charge me $74.00 for 5 days service

Koodoo worst phone company i have to pay full service charge for 5 days of service i bought the phone 5 days before the billing cycle ends and was charge a full months charge....koodoo is that fair or robbery ....as far as i see koodoo is a thief

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I believe this would be proration or it could also be a negative Tab balance repayment. Did you just sign up with Koodo or upgrade recently? I think you might be misreading it.
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This is what happens when you don't know how things work. No one robbed you. It's a partial charge if you only just looked at your bill.
Well i just looked at my bill i am on a $30 service plus $15 tab just looked at my bill i says service charge $36 plus other chargesvi am awarevof but to charge me a full month service charge when i just bought the phone 5 days ago LairdC how does thingd work since you know and i dont please enlighten me since i am in the dark
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This should explain things for you http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/c... Also keep in mind that this happens with all carriers so if you switch to another carrier the exact same thing will happen with them, Koodo isn't ripping you off don't worry.
Thanks Paul but i think they should put some where on the bill (partial charge) its not worded that way it just said montly service plan and the amount
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sian wrote:

Thanks Paul but i think they should put some where on the bill (partial charge) its not worded th...

Hi Sian, it is clearly indicated on the first bill 🙂 Go to http://koo.do/1HGaEPI and log in your Self Serve account. Click on "View my bill" on the main page and select the first bill. You'll see a PDF version of your bill. It will be mentioned on the right part of the first page, under "Don't be surprised by the amount of your first monthly bill" (see copy of the text below). I can also see that this has already been answered by other Mobile Masters on your other posts on the community. Thank you!

"Your first bill includes charges from your activation date to your first regular billing date plus the next full month in advance. After that, your bill will have regular monthly
charges. Go to koodomobile.com/samplebill  to learn how to read your bill. You’ll receive your E-Bill next month! Just a heads up: This is the first and last Koodo paper bill you’ll get. Starting next month, you’ll need to log into koodomobile.com/selfserve to view your monthly bill. Also, don’t forget to set your E-Bill notification preference to either a text message or an email to let
you know when your bill is ready to view."