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Koodo should carry Sony Xperia Z1 and Z2!!!

As a person who loves my Sony Z1, I really wish I could show the features and benefits of this phone to my customers! Everybody has Samsung or an Iphone, but not many people understand the cool features of the Sony Z1! The size of the phones are not all that different anymore than the new iphone 6 plus, or the Samsung GS5. When we have customers coming in wanting the latest superphones that are not just the same as what everyone else around them has, Sony Z1 and Z2 are such an awesome choice for them and sell themselves! I wish koodo would carry these phones so I could set my customer's up with a really cool phone!

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Telus/Koodo doesn't seem to like Sony for some reason. They rarely carry any Sony phones and a lot of times Bell gets exclusivity on models or colours too. It's a shame, because they're a bit under appreciated.