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Koodo sent me a brand new phone with a crack in the screen and then told me they are not going to replace it. WHY?

I ordered a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from the website and when it arrived it had a crack in the screen. I contacted customer service and they didn't get back to me for over a month even though I emailed them three times and phoned them. When they finally got back to me they told me they would not be replacing it. They said they tried to phone me but they never made an attempt to leave me a message or phone me back. I call BS on that one.

The only other customer service experience I've had with Koodo: They sent my old phone in for a repair, lost my battery then told me too bad...

So fed up with this company, I will be telling anyone who wants to know what kind of horrible customer service Koodo has and I will definitely never recommend anyone that I like to Koodo. 

Absolutely disgusted


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Sorry about your situation. I'll pass this to our community manager. As we can't really do much in terms of setting up a return of warranty process for you. As for them losing the battery, when u send in a phone, the information states not to send accessories like batteries headphones and chargers and if u do, they are not responsible. But it sure does suck.
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Koodo has records of all the calls to customer service so if you called on the day of delivery you may have somethibg to your case, if you didn't call immediately after receiving the package then you have no case what so ever.
Thank you for your response but I was told via email (finally) "This issue was already escalated with our department in charge for the warranty of the phone." So you'll have to excuse me if I'm not more optimistic.

Regarding losing my personal property,  maybe the employee at the store that I handed it to should have informed me of that. This just reinforces my point about poor customer service.