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Koodo's Samsung A71 smartphone. Does it have FM radio chip inside accessed via nextradio app?

  • 23 May 2020
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I'm assuming the samsung A71 koodo sells is model# SM-A715WZKAXAC. If true, there is literally no info online as to whether this particular model has an FM radio chip that's accessible via the nextradio app. Does anyone know if Koodo's Samsung A71 smartphone has the FM chip?

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3 replies

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yes this is the model



And you are right there is no info if it has radio.  based on that I would assume no since radio has not been a typical function on canadian phones

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Samsung phones had the FM radio chip but both Samsung Canada and Carriers had zero commitment to open it for NextRadio app. It could create trouble if you want FM radio as a permanent feature of the phone and rely on it. If you want a phone with FM radio, I would suggest you check FM Radio as a feature in the official specification.

Case in point is the Samsung A8 (previous generation of the A71). They enabled the FM radio initially for NextRadio. However, they disabled at one firmware update. After outcry from customers, they re-enabled it. Now it is working.



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That’s such a bold move in order for user to use more data. That kind of practice should be abolished.