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Koodo's Garbage Extended Warranty

Ive been a long time Kood customer and as of lately have been getting more and more upset with them. I purchased a new LG G3 with them, and off the get go the phones call quality has been terrible. I have the extended warranty which the girl said its amazing and as long as you dont have water damage or cracked screen, they will replace the phone, no questions asked..

everything but..ive gone to the koodo booth several times, and they haven't been able to help. I called koodo 5 times, and the guy said to take out the sim card and battery, and update the software and it should be fixed, to try it out for a week and he would call back...its not fixed, he didnt call back. So i called yet again and get a warranty guy saying why have i waited 3 months since the problem started to get the phone replaced. And i told him thats how long its taken me to get all this crap sorted out with koodo to finally be eligible FOR a new one. He claimed it seems fishy and i have to call back in 24 hours to give his managers time to see if ill be entitled to a new phone.

Looking online, G3's have been notorious for having bad call quality as it was a bad batch of phones sent out. Yet this guy won't do anything about it. Thanks for nothing Koodo extended warranty..  Has anyone had the same issue and actually been sent a new phone??

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Correct me if I'm wrong, your saying that you are dealing with a Koodo kiosk. Was there a reason why the person at the kiosk did not send the phone out, the first time you took it to kiosk?
She told me that usually problems like I have with my phone, when sent in for repair come back not fixed. My dad used to work for one of these phone repair companies. Anything software related they reformat or pull the battery / SIM card out and restart the phone. She said call up the warranty department and they will just send me a new G3. But that's a no go.. I'm just going to call Koodo and ask for a total reimbursement on the amount I've spent on the extended warranty since they won't let me use it.
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Andrew wrote:

She told me that usually problems like I have with my phone, when sent in for repair come back no...

It's my understanding that the 1 year extended warranty, it exactly the same as the first year warranty. I would bring the phone back, demand that it be send out and leave with a loaner phone, before you ask for the refund.
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Hi Andrew,

I'm sorry your having issues with your Koodo Warranty.

As for your extended warranty, it actually covers 2 cases of accidental damages. You can read up more about the extended warranty you purchased here: http://extendedwarranty.koodomobile.com/en-ca/

Now, before we even talk about the process of warranties and what to do. Try performing a factory reset on the phone. Often still solves kinks that happen when updating the phone. Doing this will result in total loss of all data that is stored locally on the phone (Contacts, text messages, apps, etc.) So make sure you have everything backed-up before you do the factory reset.

Now, if after a factory reset it does not work for you, you can also try swapping SIM cards and getting a new one. When you go to the kiosk, explain that your having bad call quality and would like to try a different SIM card. Usually, they won't charge you for the replacement SIM card, but if they do it will be 5$ for the new SIM card.

If these two items do not solve your issue, then it's time to look into warranty work. On the web site of the warranty you purchased, you must make any claims about issues within 30 days of the issue arising. But I would explain to the representative about the run-around you got and the reps not helping you and the calls you made to try to get it resolved, but with no luck. (This is also probably why he had to talk to his manager, as it has been 3 months).

Let me know how this goes and if you are still getting a run-around with Koodo.