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Koodo Protection Plan confusion re service fees

  • 7 July 2019
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After having read several posts on this topic and the documentation from Assurion re fine print on the Koodo Protection Plan, it seems there is inconsistency on information related to "service fees" (aka deductible) for replacement of a broken phone. Taken directly from their PDF document [version 2, May 1/19 to present] uploaded to this forum on July 7/19. The top of the document indicates tiers of deductibles/services fees, while a little further down it says cost is covered up to $3300! Huh?! How are we supposed to decipher this?!

How do YOU read this?

When I purchased this phone last year, I was told "full replacement value of the phone for two years beyond the original manufacturer's warranty". What's the point of $9/month fee and still having to fork over $200? I fully understand the concept of deductible but on purchase was led to believe no such fee was involved!

Had experience with this? Love to hear your feedback!

6 replies

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Your red highlights was to answer "how many replacements do I have", not how much. There is 2 words "up to..." before $3300...

The top of the chart above mentioned "Service replacement fee". There were few tiers. If you owing a phone in Tier 1, you only have to pay $25 for a service replacement fee. $200 was for Tier 4.
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All of the fees for the different phones can be found here:

As well when you sign up in store the proper replacement fee for the phone is displayed on the paperwork in which you sign.
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Yes my experience is don't get an extended warranty. Youre better off saving the monthly fee and deductible for whatever might potentially break. Definitely get a good protective case as well as a glass screen protector I'd you have a flat screen
The answer is: $3300 is the total combined retail value (of the original phones that you claim as damaged) that Koodo would repair or replace during two separate claims filed. So if your first phone retailed for $700 and the 2nd one for $1000, the cost of both phones is fully eligible for replacement/repair. If your phones cost $1700 and $2000, then Koodo would only cover up to $3300 worth of replacement phones.

You pay your deductible (see Tiers for levels of deductible that can be charged) and essentially the $9/mo. offers you the privilege of a discounted cost to replace/repair the phone.

That said, the cell phone repair biz right next to the Koodo booth could replace my screen (the issue I was facing, according to both Koodo and the repair shop in the mall) for $180 in 1/2 hour vs. $200 to Koodo and 5 days wait for delivery. Problem is, the phone has been dropped and if the screen is not the only issue, then I'm hooped. So I paid the $200.

I almost never have bought insurance of this nature and frankly, won't bother again.
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It says " For each service request". Not for both, or for your account etc.
So each of 2 request that you submit would EACH be eligible for up to $3300 in repairs.
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Apple care is also similar. Yet i know lots of people who are huge fans of apple care. I also think it's silly, unless you are really irresponsible with the phone. The extended warranty also takes advantage of the poor, since they are less likely able to afford a replacement phone so they are more likely to get this. Someone with the means, would not bother with this.