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Koodo pre-pay authorization I didn't authorize

  • 16 September 2019
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Below is an email I received - supposedly - from Koodo. I have never signed up for pre-pay. I also noticed the last three numbers of account on the email does not match my account, I never clicked on anything and quickly deleted after I wrote this:

*** Attention: External Message / Message externe ***
Account number: ****897

The convenience of pre-authorized payments.

On May 31, 2018, you signed up for pre-authorized payments. Your monthly bill will be automatically charged to your credit card ending in 8979.
Since your first pre-authorized payment won’t take effect until your next bill, you’ll need to make a payment by the due date to avoid late payment charges. Moving forward, the total due on your bill will be charged to your credit card, 15 days from your bill date.

Log in to Self Serve when you need to change or update your payment information, like updating your credit card number or expiry date.

All the best,
The Koodo Team



rid=596D3612-D841-11E9-B0C4-829D94D730AD https://www.emoneysender.com/nbpower/track?rid=596D3612-D841-11E9-B0C4-829D94D730AD

1 reply

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Looks like spam to me, judging from the linkback address. Best thing is completely ignore, and never, ever click on a link you receive in email messages!

Visit Koodo self service manually and you can check your settings. My guess is you won't see anything about pre-authorized payments in there...