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Koodo Phone Protection Plan - What does it cover?

I'm trying to find out what the Phone Protection Plan covers besides this link: https://www.koodomobile.com/help/koodo-phone-protection-plan

Where can I find more information on the Koodo Protection Plan?
You can find the most up to date details about our protection plan including; what is covered, an explanation of charges, and the full T’s & C’s here.

I'll click here and it takes me to start a service request.

I want to know what the plan entails to see if I should keep it or save myself 9$ a month.

Thanks in advance.

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There should be menu link called Documentation. It should take you here: https://www.phoneclaim.com/koodo/documentation/

It may be more easily viewed from the desktop site
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Your phone is covered against the following failures: accidental damage such as dropping your phone or submerging it in water and manufacturing defects that occur after the one-year manufacturer warranty expires. If your device experiences a covered failure while you are current on your plan, we will either repair or replace it, at our discretion, along with any standard accessories affected by the failure, subject to your payment of any applicable charge plus tax shown in the table above.

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@Jaz Young if you scroll down that T&C page a little further past the place to start a new ticket, you will see a download link to the T&C documents.

As I understand it--and don't quote me here--this plan covers accidental damage to or loss of the phone, as well as augmenting the factory warranty after the factory warranty expires (so typically after 1 year). Make sure you find your way to the most recent T&C document and read it from end to end to understand what you're buying. There is a deductible fee for a claim, and they can be fairly substantial. I think there is also a limit to how many replacements you can get under the plan, and I think it's 2 but again check the document.

As to whether this is worth $9 a month, that's a very personal decision. If you're prone to losing or breaking phones fairly regularly that cost a lot out of your pocket to replace every time, it might be worth while. My personal general approach to extended warranties or product protection plans for most items is to pass. Why? my reasons:

First off, companies sell these policies not out of charity, but because on average they make the more money than they cost them (aka, they profit from it).

Second, I tend to replace most of my devices relatively frequently, before I can run into issues with the current device, and I'm used to paying for them out of pocket as I avoid tabs and carrier bloatware and such.

Third, although I wouldn't like the expense of replacing a device should I lose or break it, it wouldn't be a financial hardship for me to do so, so I wouldn't depend on a replacement plan for most things that are "reasonably" priced, aka under a couple of grand, more or less.

That said, for bigger ticket items like TVs and automobiles (if I'm buying rather than leasing), I would typically go for extended warranty or protection plan. Yes I recognize that they are still making money on the offering, but the outlay to replace/repair these items would be a bigger hit so they feel more worth it.

EDIT: in other words, for me, things that I consider "disposable" devices (phones, headphones, tablets, inexpensive laptops) I don't usually bother covering, while "expensive" devices I sometimes do.

At the end of the day, it's up to you if it's a good value for your money or not. Read the T&C, think about your history with devices and your budget, and then decide what's best for you.
What it doesn't cover below

'What is not covered?
The below items are not covered by this plan:
• Defects during the one-year manufacturer warranty period
• Lost / stolen
• Incidental or consequential damages
• Changes or enhancements to your phone
• Abuse, misuse, or intentional acts
• Problems with the phone before your enrollment was in effect
• Accessories (unless otherwise covered as a standard
accessory when part of a failure to your phone)
Any cosmetic damage

It also states in the terms that if your device does need to be replaced, the replacement they give you may not even be the same model as you had. It's at their discretion what you get back, although it will be close to what you had.
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Mats wrote:

'What is not covered?

That is a very long list! @Jaz Young I gave you bad info when I said I thought it covered loss. This list @Mats copied here shows that to be wrong.

Honestly, this list is so long, it seems like a successful claim would be rather unlikely.

Mats wrote:

It also states in the terms that if your device does need to be replaced, the replacement they give you may not even be the same model as you had. It's at their discretion what you get back, although it will be close to what you had.

This is something that blindsided me with TV purchase I made at Future Shop a number of years ago. I bought a high-end Sony TV on boxing day (probably mid 2000's?) on sale from a regular price of around $6k or $7k on sale for $4700. I was very happy with it for 13 months (just after the factory warranty), when it started getting discolourations in the image. Turns out this was a problem with Sony's "SXRD" technology they were offering at the time, and it required basically a motherboard replacement, at a high cost, to fix, and would likely come back again in the replacement down the road. I called Future Shop and they send someone out, diagnosed it, and then told me they wouldn't repair it, and I would have to get a replacement under the extended warranty I'd purchased (at a cost of I believe it was $800!).

Okay, great, I'm getting a new TV! Problem: they had discontinued the model, so a direct replacement wasn't possible. Okay, well, fine, but I'll get something equivalent, right? Their answer was well not exactly. There was no direct replacement (as Sony gave up on the technology, presumably as it was buggy, despite having a beautiful picture before it broke LOL). Okay so I get something of roughly equivalent value, right? Yes! BUT, equivalent to the last value the TV was sold at by Future Shop. Wait, what? Tuns out that value was the clearance value when the line was discontinued, and was something like $2500. So, my $6k(ish) TV that cost me $4.7k + $800 warranty resulted in a budget of $2500 for a replacement 13 months later. I was not impressed.

So yeah, beware of this caveat, for sure!