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It would be a really cool and good idea if koodo would offer deals on new phones regularly to its loyal customers just like other phone companies are doing. *Hint Hint*

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They do. People on this forum were talking about getting emails with $50 bonus offer just a couple of days ago I don't know what the criteria is but they do have it.
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Don't think Koodo will be getting the Galaxy S4 in May when it's released just because they have the Galaxy S3 because chances are they won't, at least when it's first released. I don't understand how ppl can want a device that they don't know anything about yet specs or what it's going to look like or anything in the slightest, SMH
The Galaxy S3 will probably drop in price for all carriers. It's like a cascade effect, as soon as a shiny new model like the S4 arrives, prices of most phones will adjust accordingly. The $50 bonus offer that Chris mentioned is for upgrades to specific phone models I believe. No restrictions, and if i'm correct, it can be for any amount of tab redemption or paid upgrade for any existing customer, until April 4th? There may also be a $100 bonus for higher end phone upgrades like the SG 3. Together with the double data promo which ends March 18th, it's so attractive!