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KOODO NEWS: The HTC One M9 is now in Koodo Shops

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The M9 is vying to be one of the top phones of 2015. Are you in? Check it out at your nearest Koodo store: koodomobile.com/storelocator

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Awesome! I have an old Koodo plan I would not like to change. Will all locations sell it to me at the $750 price? Or at the start will they try force me to change my plan?
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You don't even necessarily need to change it. Tab S is available on all plans and Tab M is $30+. Forget Tab L.
I have a sim only plan. Can I keep that plan and go on tab small?
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If it was the $59 Unlimited/2GB promo that was available last month, then no. Or if your plan has a 10% BYOD discount, that will fall off but you can keep the base plan.
Thanks Johnathan. Question now I would have to buy any phone outright to keep my current plan with these new plans out. Or will they force me to change plans.