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KOODO NEWS: Google Nexus 5 is here!

  • 8 November 2013
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The Nexus 5 is here for as low as $0 with the Tab. www.koodo.com/nexus5 You can find them at Koodo Shops, Future Shop, Best Buy, The Mobile Shop and on our web store. Just make sure to call ahead! http://koo.do/locator123

10 replies

Hi, I just bought the nexus 4 a month back on tab. Any chance i can exchange it with the new nexus 5?
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Hi, I just bought the nexus 4 a month back on tab. Any chance i can exchange it with the new n...Unfortunately, you can only exchange a phone within 14 days, Yashaswini 😞 You could try to sell your Nexus 4 privately, you might still get a nice price for it... 
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Someone should write a review for the Nexus 5 on the koodo website! 😃
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I'm answering questions about the Nexus 5 I've had for a few days here--> http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/_q_a_nexus_5_ive_got_a_nexus_5_if_youve_got_questions_fire_away?rfm=1 Keep in mind it's about the device & OS themselves - not Koodo's pricing, availability or network.
Why is it $500 retail when Google play is charging $350?
$500? The new Koodo ... horribly overpriced ... just buy it from google for $349. http://www.google.ca/nexus/5/
Seriously, skip the tab and buy it for $350 directly from google...
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yayayayayayayayay but $500? Are you sure Koodo?
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yayayayayayayayay but $500? Are you sure Koodo?I think they're merely following the pricing model from their parent and other carriers John 😞 Which is a shame actually. N4 @ $300 was pure genius. I guess it's payback time now...
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Id be patient with the price and hopefully it will come down. Since its an unlocked phone its tough to come out with a big price difference at launch. Otherwise every other carriers customers would be trying to buy it from Koodo to activate on their own carrier. At least that's what im hoping will happen. Sure its cheaper from google. But you have to add a little bit to that for shipping, plus then you wait a month. Its still a lot cheaper, but id rather get mine today....and I did lol. Plus since I got it on the tab it worked out better for me.