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Koodo Motorola 2017 phones?

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I'd love to see Koodo carry newer Motorola phones. Moto Z Play 2016 was a hit (carriers ran out of stock). Moto Z 2016 was likely beyond most Koodo customers' budget, and it looks like all carriers who have it still have some in stock. Moto G4 Play was a hit because of the price, but I don't think Moto G4 Plus sold as well (more expensive Moto G phone...on promo went for the same price as Moto Z Play 2016).
Now I see Moto G5 going exclusive to Bell/Virgin & Vidéotron. Moto Z2 Play launching on July 5th, exclusive to Bell, SaskTel and Freedom Mobile.
I'm thrown off by this. One of the biggest reasons I shop at Koodo is because I love Moto phones and I rely on Koodo to supply them (Koodo's been running one of the best selections of carrier provided Moto phones to date). 2017 is a game changer, where only Bell has both the budget and the flagship. Though Freedom and SaskTel cover four provinces combined, their deals on phones are not as awesome as Koodo's.
Can Koodo please get some 2017 Moto phones? I would love to see Télus/Koodo offer some other Moto phones, like bring the Moto G5 Plus or Moto X4 to Canada.
I understand that "we have no control over which phones are available to which carriers and when they're available". But since Koodo has an awesome forum, I figured I'd pitch the idea.

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It could very well be that Koodo is just not in the initial carriers that will be carrying the Moto Z Play 2 that Motorola announced but may be carrying it later on. That or Koodo could be pushing Moto aside for a different budget option. I also really like Motorola phones but have lost interest since Lenovo took them over and their timely updates have went out the door which was a big part of their draw along with their Moto features. Moto features have made their way to other manufacturers phones now though so again their appeal isn't what it use to be. Only time will tell if Koodo continues carrying them
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Paul "Kid Android" Deschamps wrote:

It could very well be that Koodo is just not in the initial carriers that will be carrying the Mo...

I admit that stock OTA updates on Moto's are not as fast as they used to be. Still I see Moto's as a discounted Pixel phone plus bonus features (most important would be expandable storage, FM radio in some phones and Moto Assist driving mode in some phones). Plus with the ease of bootloader unlocking, there's a plethora of custom ROM's available with fairly good support.
I just can't find a better alternative on the market right now.
Compared to the 2016 Moto Z Play (that Koodo did carry), the 2017 Moto Z2 Play gains FM radio, double the storage/RAM, ships with a Pixel-like launcher out of the box (better launcher without installing an alternative launcher...saves on overhead) and unfortunately comes at a slighly higher retail price.
I have yet to see a phone said exclusive to certain carriers end up launching on other carriers later. I can only think of one example where Virgin Mobile was late in the game to launch the 2015 Moto X Play (yet Bell already had it, and Koodo had been running amazing promos on that device since launch).
If there's anything that can influence Koodo/Télus to carry that phone, I certainly hope that this thread could have an impact.