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Koodo Mobile took over my phone's Ptel Mobile service

I used the LG PC Suite IV to upgrade my LG P500h phone and now when turning the phone on, the LG logo and then the Koodo Mobile logo appear, followed by the ANDROID logo and that's all that happens. Nothing happens after this with just the ANDROID logo. I cannot get to the phone's main menu screen. I 'only' belong to PTEL mobile here in USA. Thanks for any help.

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Check again that you have the 500h model as it'scCanadian. Ptel (platinum tel) is a T-Mobile mvno service provider. Use the tool to get your phone to either AT&T or T-Mobile. Their version l doesn't have the 'h' You may also need to do a factory reset by booting into recovery
Thanks Chad, Ron.
Chad, I do have the 500h model (and this might be why the Koodo Mobile 'screen' appears on starting the phone). I was using the LG Mobile Support Tool just before to check for updates 'before' the Koodo Mobile logo appeared on startup. Would the LG PC Suite IV be better to check for software and phone updates? I guess the 500 version would work as good as the 500h? As last resort, I could visit a T-Mobile or ATT store. Thanks, Ron.
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You need to perform a factory reset via recovery first, this may solve your problem
Chad, I finally resorted to doing a 'factory reset' and my LG P-500h is (almost) back to the way it was. Phone works in all respects except for the Koodo background screen that is on the phone now. Seems like Ptel sold me a phone for use in USA, but is made for Canada. Next time, I will "bring my own phone"! Ron.