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Koodo LG G5 defected phone

I brought an lg G5 from koodo 3 weeks ago and after the first week the phone has developed a lot of problems with the headphone jack and the power button. I went to where I brought it from (Walmart) and they said that they're just vendor and I have to go to koodo to get it replaced. So I went to koodo and they told me to go to either Walmart again or lG service center. So I tried the lG service center and they told me to go to koodo who will replace it since it's brought through them. People just keep making me go round in circles and I'm super frustrated. My phone number is 6478320687, I am extremely disappointed and dissatisfied with koodo and how they're dealing with customers, my phone is very important to me and this has become a persistent nightmare. Please contact me if you have any helpful suggestions.

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After 15 days, your only option is to address the issue through LG warranty. While Koodo might be able to help by assisting with sending the phone to the repair centre, they are not able to exchange the phone after 15 days. If the problem is deemed physical damage by the LG repair centre, they will send you a repair estimate, as physical damage is not covered by warranty.
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Instead of going to a Koodo shop, call Koodo directly at 1-866-995-6636 and let them know you need in-warranty repair service.  I did that when I had an issue with one of my phones about a year or 2 ago, and they created a RMA for me, and had me take my phone to the closest Koodo Corporate store so that location could ship the off and offered me a loaner phone.  I'm not sure if that is still how it's done now, but it likely is

I previously worked for OSL (cell phone retailers inside Walmart) and they are correct that they can't replace the phone past the 15-day in-store return policy (it's the same with all multi-brand retailers and all carriers). 
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The 15 days is there for return and refund, I belive. Koodo don't really have a policy to replace (or swap phone). I would not go everywhere and ask for a brand-new replacement after 15 days.

Here is the official policy: https://www.koodomobile.com/help/warranty-and-repair-policy I think you need to know the official rules so you know your options and bring it up to Koodo or LG. After 15days, basically you will have to go through the process of repair or replacement with a refurbished one. You could show them the policy and ask store agent to show you what to do next according to the official policy.