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koodo is making big mistakes

How can be possible that I had my bill of 85 dllrs when I left Canada to mexico from dic 19 to January 11 and I own 381 if I didn't use my phone AT ALL????? Explain please or I want to cancel my phone. Right now.

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Hey Mariana, this is a public forum, so we are all customers like yourself, you will have to call koodo about your bill. I'm very sorry to hear about that 😞 1-866-995-6636
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Was your phone turned off? What was the higher bill because of?
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Did you take you phone and had it with you to Mexico? That could very well explain things. Just leaving it on while you are in another country will cost, because you may still receive texts or your data in the background is running. It's not koodo, this would have happened with any provider.