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Koodo in Morden?

I have the 400 mins 400 mb plan with Koodo and an Android S5 phone. I recently moved to Morden, MB and I don't seem to have a connection. Does Koodo work in Morden at all? What about the Koodo prepaid option?

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According to the coverage map, there is only cdma coverage in Morden. 😞 That's very unfortunate considering you have an S5. I don't see any cdma phones on koodo's website either... Also prepaid won't work there either since it's sim based. You should look into another provider in your case unless you can find a koodo cdma phone somehow 😞
Thank you Daniel, I cancelled my Koodo plan a minute ago. Too bad, I'll miss Koodo.
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That sucks. Sorry about that, man. Good luck with a cell provider in that area.