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Koodo GS5 will not recieve texts from certain Bell phones, please help

Hi, my friend has had a Galaxy S4 for about 8 months now and it is with koodo. Recently he stopped being able to receive texts and calls from either of his parents who are with bell, although they can receive his. His mom has a galaxy s4 and his dad just bought an iphone 5s, partly because he thought his old 4s was the problem. Today my friend went to koodo and purchased a Galaxy S5 and got a new sim card with it and his parents still cant text/call him. Anyone have any ideas why? I've went through the phones and checked for blocked numbers and none were there, and the buying of two new phones would of accounted for that. (Note: His phone receives texts/calls from other bell phones) Thanks

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You'll have to call Koodo tech support and run through a list of trouble shooting options, it's possible that it might be on his parents end so they may have to call Bell and go through the same trouble shooting. This is the only way to fix this issue.
Thanks for the Reply! Well thats depressing, he was just on the phone with koodo for an hour and talked to a support supervisor, he didnt know what to do but said he'll forward the issue to Samsung and to see if they know anything. Haha not very promising. I guess the last thing to do would be to call a support supervisor at bell, although his mom has already spoken to bell support.
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Change over Sim cards in both phones? (Just a thought)